Cross River Pet Cremation -
Individual Cremation
From our family to yours...
This service is provided for pet owners who wish to have their pet individually cremated.
The ashes will be returned to the owners in a beautiful wooden urn, with the pets name engraved on it.

Paw prints left on our hearts..

Each individual cremation includes a clay print of your pets paw as a keepsake for you. 
Each individual cremation will also receive a mold of their pets paw print.
Certification of Cremation...
Each pet individually cremated will come with a Cremation Certificate that represents the date in which his/hers cremation took place.
Please call for more details.
Communal Cremation
This service is provided for pet owners who do not wish for the return of their pets ashes.
The ashes will be joined with others and scattered on the beautiful country landscape located here at Cross River Pet Cremation.
Please call for more details.
In honor of our military and police k-9 service dogs, they will be cremated free of charge.
Thank you for your service.
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